Who We Are, Our Vision and Mission

With approximately $3.5 million in federal research and professional training funding over the last several years; more than 30 active faculty members across seven colleges; and a rapidly growing list of partners, collaborators, and stakeholders, the emerging Forensic Sciences Institute aims to provide step-change advances in the forensic sciences.

Through innovative interdisciplinary research and educational programs, we provide leadership and collaborative services to the university, State and global communities.



Research in the advancement of new forensic science methods and technologies, and optimization of crime scene processing, with the goal of establishing protocols with statistical rigor.






Education and training for graduate and undergraduate students, law enforcement professionals, and K-12 educators that incorporates innovative methods in all key fields in forensic sciences.






Engagement and Outreach professional training and certification for law enforcement personnel.







Promoting Enhanced Public Understandingof the role and impact of the forensic sciences on society, and the need for forensic science research, education and training.