Forensic Textiles


comffad-forensicsComparative Finished Fiber Analytical Database (COMFFAD): Research is on-going to develop an unprecedented Comparative Finished Fiber Analytical Database (COMFFAD) using liquid chromatography and Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (LC TOF MS) to enable dyed fibers to be rapidly and accurately analyzed for the exact dyes present in the fiber, as well as estimate their concentraitons in the fiber. This work is aimed at substantially advancing trace evidence analysis of fibers.

Dr. David Hinks
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

Dr. Keith Beck
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

Dr. Dieter Griffis
Research Associate Professor
Material Science and Engineering

Visiting Assistant Research Professor:
Dr. Malgorzata Scymczyk
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

Post doc:
Dr. Chuanzhen (Elaine) Zhou
Analytical Instrumentation Facility

Graduate student
Anne Crawford
MS Textile Chemistry
Undergraduate student
Rick Schaefer
Whitney Sweesy
Melissa Vinson
BS Polymer and Color Chemistry
BS Polymer and Color Chemistry
BS Textile Engineering

Funding Agency: National Institute of Justice Award Number: 2009-DN-BX-K216
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