ANT529 – Advanced Methods in Forensic Anthropology Advanced methods in forensic anthropology-an applied field of biological anthropology. Application of the science of biological anthropology to the medicolegal process. Identification of skeletal remains to determine age, sex, ancestry, stature, andunique features of a decedent. Analysis of human skeletal remains. Identification techniques addressed and proficiency expected. Students must provide their own transportation to the laboratory site.

TC 589 – Professional Practices in Forensic Science This course will examine in-depth aspects and practices of forensic science involving specialized and advanced disciplines associated with forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology, forensic entomology, forensic geology, geophysics, textiles, microscopy and others. Emphasis will be placed upon the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science. A semester project will allow students to work within small groups to investigate a mock crime scene and apply the knowledge they learn from the course.